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Djembes re-skinned using your choice of goat, cow or calf skin with hair or without hair, rings can be re-roped if necessary also shell repairs can be carried out, including renewing bearing edges, wood treatments also applied.

Please note, a new skin will not be fitted if bearing edge is damaged, wood split or splintered. This will have to be repaired and cost added to bill.

Any damage to cloth on rings, damage to rings or worn out rope will be need to be repaired / replaced as all these factors can damage the new skin.

Re - skinning: -

Goatskin included in the price, other skins extra charges may apply. 


12"+ size drum may require full goat skin                                                                       POA


10” - 12" Drum
Replace skin and tune

Single weave drum. ( using existing rope )                                                                             £60
ouble weave ring knots (Ghana system):                                                                             £65

7” - 9" Drum

Replace skin and tune.                                                                                                        £40


Repairs to wood shell
Fixing splits and cracks                                                                                                  £10-30

Wood treatments

Linseed oil preserver applied inside drum                                                                                 £5

Woodworm preventative applied inside drum                                                                            £5

Linseed and Woodworm applied together                                                                                £8                                                          

Replace Verticals and tuning rope ( extra )

Replacement rope Black for Ghanaian drums.                                                                        £20

Replacement rope White / Coloured for Gambian Ivory coast type drums                                  £30


Replace rope on rings: (extra )
One ring:         £20, with cloth replacement  £25
Both rings:       £30, with cloth replacement  £35

Tension and ring rope replacement:    

Both rings and tension rope £50                with ring cloth        £55 (Black rope)

                                         £60                                         £65 (Coloured rope)

Pull diamonds ( Mali weave ) :                                                                                                £8
Pull up and downs (VERTICALS):                                                                                         £18

Rope for sale                                                                                                                     POA


Skins for Sale


Goat, cow, calf, antelope with hair.                                                                                   POA


New and used drums for sale                                          POA


Drum Bags stocked various makes and sizes                  POA                                         



 Discount to all education establishments, schools, Music Services.


All Drums bought and re-skinned come with 12months FREE tuning

( Tuned in Milton Keynes and local areas, customers to return drums for tuning at own cost ).